Yomei 10 Nen Documentary

Among the numerous features (about 4 hours of footage) included in the Premium bluray edition of The Last Ten Years, the making of documentary stands out. The Diary of The Last Ten Years is a 59′ long report which presents the filming of key scenes as well as short interviews. The focus is on Komatsu Nana, Sakaguchi Kentaro and director Michihito Fujii, yet you have sequences with all the members of the remarkable supporting cast: Yuki Yamada, Nao, Haru Kuroki, Tetsushi Tanaka, Hideko Hara, Yutaka Matsushige, Lily Franky

Bluray Premium: Amazon Japan – DVD Premium: CD Japan. Official Film DVD&Bluray page (Japanese): Yomei Ten Nen.

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The Making of Parasite in Love

The DVD/Bluray of Parasite in Love, a film by director Kensaku Kakimoto, was released on March 23. The Deluxe edition (Bluray) includes a compilation of various promo and premiere events (52′) and a making of documentary (22′). Here’s a few screen caps from that documentary to celebrate.

Parasite in Love hit Japanese theaters on November 12 last year and is currently available on Netflix, depending on regions, with subs in the following languages: English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian. It is possible to order the DVD or Bluray online from sites such as CD Japan.

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The Dancer on the set

Two weeks after the release of The Dancer (踊り子) music clip, which btw is doing pretty well with nearly 7 million views as of Monday November 29, Vaundy‘s team have posted a clip of the making of. The footage reveals that filming is still performed under strict protocols because of the covid, it also shows a happy and playful Komatsu Nana truly enjoying the shooting.

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Parasites on the set

Parasite in Love has entered its second week of release and in spite of a relatively limited number of theaters where it’s screened (150+, not the ‘usual’ 250+) the movie remains in the Top 15 in terms of box office, according to Eiga.com. Viewers’ reviews are positive more often than not with a 3.3 average at Eiga.com and 3.4 at Filmarks

The production team has released a new clip with footage from the ‘making of’. Check outtakes and on the set pictures from the film’s official Insta.

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Sakura DVD & Bluray

Based on Kanako Nishi‘s successful novel of the same name (2005), Sakura, directed by Hitoshi Yazaki (Strawberry Short Cakes, Sweet Little Lies…) hit Japanese theaters on November 13 last year. It was released on DVD and Bluray on May 12 this year.

Plot: An ordinary and happy middle class family that consists of parents and their 3 children: Hajime (Ryo Yoshizawa), Kaoru (Takumi Kitamura) and Miki (Nana Komatsu). Hajime is the eldest son, a handsome and very popular guy at school, he is also a fine baseball player. His younger brother Kaoru is a reserved and somewhat moody person. Miki is the young sister: stubborn, childish, careless yet sensitive, her feelings for Hajime go beyond simple admiration. They have a cute little dog, Sakura. One day, Hajime has a terrible car accident and as the family falls into despair, much will be revealed.

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