Quruli Music Clip

Actress and model Komatsu Nana stars in a new music video clip by Japanese duet Quruli/くるり. The song 八月は僕の名前 (August is my name) from the Kyoto artists is the theme song of More Than Words (episodes 8-10), a drama which is available on Amazon Prime Japan.

Set in a barber shop in a small town, the clip was shot by Osaka based photographer Hideaki Hamada who previously worked with the actress years ago. (On this blog: Hideaki Hamada Photoshoot)

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Parasite in Love Soundtrack

The O.S.T. for Kensaku Kakimoto‘s Parasite in Love is available from various sources such as Open Spotify and Youtube.

13 Japanese and international artists have contributed to the soundtrack: Christian FenneszShun IshiwakaMirrrorAkeboshiHideaki ShiratoMeirin (Zombie Chang), Manami KakudoCony PlanktonBlack BoboiJulia ShortreedTokyo ShiokojiSarah Hemi and Miyu Hosoi. In addition, Okinawan singer songwriter Awich wrote and performed the theme song.

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