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Tokyo Weekender (November 2019)

Nana Komatsu Interview (English) – Photographs by Allan Abani

in style China (november 2019)

Elle Japan – December 2019

Vivi Magazine – December 2019

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The Red Chapter 04

The Red Chapter is the second instalment of Thrill ! The Black Chapter and The Red Chapter, an NHK drama which was broadcast in February and March 2017. Detective Togawa (Keisuke Koide) from the Metropolitan Police Department teams up with young Hitomi Nakano (Nana Komatsu) to solve difficult murder cases.

Hitomi is not a detective but an accountant whose job is to check the receipts sent by police officers to the administration in order to make sure the taxpayers’ money is properly used. Smart and inquiring, she often ‘borrows’ the small black notebook on which Togawa writes down the details of his investigations. Hitomi knows all the tricks of the trade because her own father (who abandoned her when she was a teen) was a conman.

Funny situations and dialogues, making faces, wacky attitudes, Hitomi is definitely not your average ‘detective’ and the series is a must watch for those who want to see Nana Komatsu dealing with comedy, impersonating a truly offbeat character.

In this final episode of The Red Chapter the team has to deal with a group of terrorists. As usual Hitomi found all the answers but then she was captured by the baddies, will Togawa have the brains and the guts to come and rescue her?

Below is a series of screencaps plus the full episode (SD version – 640×480)

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Farewell Song, the movie

Released in Japanese theaters on May 31 Farewell Song (Japanese title: Sayonara Kuchibiru/さよならくちびる) has made it into the selection of various international film festivals since that release. It’s been available on DVD & Bluray since October 25 and the two editions offer interesting material: making of documentary, unreleased scenes, events, various clips. CD JapanAmazon Japan

Farewell Song is a Gaga production, yet, it definitely has some indie flavour attached to it. Not much happens in terms of action, no spectacular twist either, however it is more than just a pleasant watch thanks to director Akihiko Shiota‘s fine script and the remarkable perfs of its three main actors: Ryo Narita (Shima the manager and roadie), Mugi Kadowaki (Haru the songwriter) and Nana Komatsu (Reo/Leo the singer).

Below is a celebration with screencaps from the film and the ‘making of’ plus a few scenes (short excerpts only).

Haru and Leo

Leo and Shima

from the ‘making of’

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Elle in Taiwan

Last year’s fall, on October 30, Elle Taiwan released a remarkable photoshoot of Nana Komatsu in preparation of the forthcoming November edition of the magazine. She was interviewed by Dominique Chang and the young actress discussed her modelling an acting career at length. A rough English translation can be found on the N.K.Films blog: Elle, La Vraie Nana Komatsu (just scroll down a bit right after the introductory words in French).

Original article in Chinese: Stylish Self. Photographs by Zhong Lin.



Closed Ward Opening

November 1, Closed Ward aka Family of Strangers has finally hit Japanese theaters, nationwide. The production chose the TOEI Cinema in Marunouchi, Tokyo for the official opening. Tsurube Shofukutei, Go Ayano, Nana Komatsu, other cast members and Director Hirayama were there to entertain the audience. Special ‘guest’ was a Sake barrell full of packs of kintsuba, a Japanese deli generally stuffed with sweet red beans.

from ‘entertainment station’

From ‘model press’

from ‘moviche’

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