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From this official interview published by her agency, some details about the shooting of Sayonara Kuchibiru are revealed. The very first scene for instance wasn’t planned in the original script, the actress imagined and suggested it. Most of the time, scenes were filmed in just one take and director Akihiko Shiota doesn’t use a clapperboard to end a take, allowing his actors to let it flow.

There was one noticeable exception with the scene at the vending machine, no one -i.e. the director, the staff and the actresses- was satisfied with what was shown and the level of emotion, it was therefore shot again on the last day of the shooting session with a very satisfactory result then.

Nana Komatsu also develops on how it was to perform in front of a crowd of extras: tension but also fun. The movie hits Japanese theatres on Friday this week.

Galaxy Photobook

14-year-old Nana Komatsu was then a child/teen model promoted by 3BJunior, the under age department of Stardust Promotion. They scouted her in the Harajuku area, Tokyo, recruited her and soon she appeared in magazines such as Cutie, Haco, Jille or Spoon

Though she shares it with model and actress Miwako Wagatsuma, it can be seen as her very first photobook. First published on November 25, 2010, it was reissued in September 2018, as a paperback edition. It can be purchased from various sites including Amazon Japan where it’s easy to switch from Japanese to English. Buy from Amazon !

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