Summer Dew

Actress and model Komatsu Nana makes the cover of Dew Magazine for its Vanity Summer 2021 issue, #41. The featured article includes a photoshoot and an interview in which the actress tells about Ito aka Tapestry (one of her recent films). Then the journalist develops a bit about her forthcoming role in Edmund Yeo‘s adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novella Moonlight Shadow.

The young thespian also gives her feelings about the consequences of the current pandemic. A situation that makes travelling and contact with others difficult and somehow leads to introspection. Photography by Jo Motoyo, article and interview by Vanya Harapan.

Nana Komatsu is wearing Perverze clothes. You can browse and download for free the whole magazine there : If their server is busy you can alternatively get it from this link: Dew Magazine-Vanity Issue (pdf file, about 48Mb)

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Dew Magazine 10th Anniversary

Just like in 2019, actress and model Komatsu Nana is on the cover of the Anniversary edition of Indonesian magazine Dew ! Their featured article on the actress runs from page 146 to 179 and includes lots of pictures from a superb photoshoot by renowned photographer Ko-Ta Shouji. The actress is wearing clothes from Soduk, Chika Kisada

Briefly interviewed by Vanya Harapan (p.176) the young actress says among other things she’d like to play in an action movie and though she doesn’t want to turn her love for photography into a profession she is considering a small exhibition of her photographs.

This 10th anniversary issue (#38 – December 2020) is available as a pdf file from Dew’s server, if you have problems downloading it, you can get it by clicking here:

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Dew Magazine Photoshoot

In November 2018, Indonesian magazine Dew published a remarkable photoshoot of the actress in a special edition celebrating the mag’s 8th anniversary. The 35-page article presented over 30 glamorous and creative shots from photographer Ko-Ta Shouji and editorial notes by Kirana Ardhia, Features Editor. Nana Komatsu was wearing Patrick Owen, the self named label of an Indonesian fashion designer and photographer.

Excerpts from a follow-up article, On Her Rise to Stardom, published on December 5, text by Kirana Ardhia:

Nana Komatsu is not your ordinary 22-year-old. At the time where most girls her age would be glued to their laptop screens, binge-watching series or movies and fawning over celebrities, she is busy being the one behind those screens. Although one may argue that everything looks shinier from outside, the entertainment world is definitely not as glamorous as it is portrayed. Not all rainbows and unicorns, it is a truly hard and rough work. A job that is meant for someone who is strong-willed and has the ‘oomph’ for it, and Nana Komatsu might just be the perfect girl for the role.

Stating that modeling is about the art of expression, as a self-proclaimed introvert, working as a model helps her in learning to express things, and herself, better. Not just a profession though, Nana does fancy fashion. She enjoys experimenting with her outfits, freely wears what she wants, prefers pants than skirts, she doesn’t really follow trends and opts to wear the things that suits her best. Nana admits that acting is a career that she wants to continue pointing her soul at from now on, and it is looking like a bright future ahead of her when glancing at her past achievements (…) she loves movies, the art of making films and the industry scene itself. She likes the heartwarming feeling in the film production, of everyone working on different tasks yet are creating one thing that connects them.

It is possible to view the whole article online from this Issuu link (p. 96 to 131)