Yomei 10 Nen in Theaters

The Last Ten Years aka Yomei10Nen/余命10年, director Michihito Fujii‘s new film, was released on Friday 4 March and it topped the box office right away. With a glorious cast, a much appraised director and screenings in more than 350 theaters all over Japan, the movie is expected to become quite a hit.

The following day, Komatsu Nana, co-star Kentaro Sakaguchi, supporting thespians Nao and Yuki Yamada were in the company of the director at the Marunouchi Picadilly Cinema (Tokyo) for stage greetings. They entertained the audience and things went quite emotional when the MC read a letter from Ruka Kosaka‘s family*.

*Ruka Kosaka, whose heroine Matsuri led a life similar to hers, passed away in 2017 before her novel was published

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Yomei 10 Nen – One week to go

Just one week to go before the theatrical release of The Last Ten Years aka Yomei Ten Nen on Friday March 4, all over Japan. The promotional campaign continues with the release of film stills, TV appearances and various announcements (Soundtrack CD, Official Photobook…)

Official Film PhotoBook: 96 pages, lots of pictures chosen by Komatsu Nana, with letters from the two leads, available from March 2 onwards. Pre-order from Amazon Japan.

Original Soundtrack CD: music by Radwimps, 30 tracks, released on March 4. CD Japan.

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Thoughts on Yomei10Nen

In a new video released by Warner Japan on Wednesday February 2, director Michihito Fujii and his two leads shared their thoughts about the making of The Last Ten Years a.k.a Yomei 10 Nen.

The director confessed that he was at first kind of reluctant with the idea of making a film about someone hit by an illness that reduces life expectancy but after reading Ruka Kosaka‘s book he felt compelled and determined as he was impressed with her strong feelings and the life force behind her words. Komatsu Nana, who said she sees the film as a “treasure”, and her co-star Sakaguchi Kentaro both expressed their total commitment…

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The Last Ten Years Preview

On Monday January 24, a special preview premiere for Michihito Fujii‘s Yomei 10 nen a.k.a. The Last Ten Years was held at the Marunouchi Picadilly Cinema in Tokyo. Director Michihito went on stage with his two leads, Komatsu Nana and Sakaguchi Kentaro, in the company of several cast members: Yuki Yamada, Nao, Haru Kuroki, Hideko Hara and Yutaka Matsushige.

Overwhelmed by emotion at some point, Komatsu Nana said she felt kind of burnt-out at the end of the shooting (she lost a lot of weight to play the role) but confessed she was very happy to be on the stage to present a film that means a lot to her. She thanked the cast and crew for their hard work.

The film, distributed by Warner Japan, is bound for a Japanese official release on Friday March 4, nationwide. Official Film Site: The Last Ten Years.

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