Magazine Covers

Actress, model, Chanel House Ambassador Komatsu Nana has made the cover of more than 170 fashion and entertainment magazines since she started her career as a child model in 2008. This compilation page does not show them all but the vast majority of them…

Years: 2022, 2023

Years: 2020, 2021

Years: 2018, 2019

Years: 2016, 2017

Years: 2014, 2015

Komatsu Nana made a brilliant cinema debut in director Tetsuya Nakashima‘s The World of Kanako (2014). The following year she landed a supporting role in Martin Scorsese’s Silence and was chosen to become a House Ambassador for Chanel. As a result, she became much in demand for interviews and magazine covers.

Years before 2014

Scouted in Harajuku and recruited by Stardust Promotion, Nana Komatsu had her first photo session for Nico Petit in 2008, her first mag cover for Spoon in 2010. In those days, she was often seen in catalogs promoting clothes for Haco, Palm Maison, Zozo etc… She also appeared in several commercials (for Panasonic, Docomo, Shiseido…) and in music videos as well: most if not all are listed on

Proto Star Volumes from 2013 (Amazon Japan)

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