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Covers, interviews and photoshoots, fashion and entertainment magazines have lavished readers with Nana Komatsu related material these days. Here’s a compilation of some shots you can find on Jelly, Men’s Non No, Mina, Souen, Tokyo Graffiti, Gala plus some more from various online magazines. All recent issues of print magazines can be purchased from Amazon Japan or CD Japan.

Men’s Non No (June)


Magazine Schedule update

List of magazines which include Nana Komatsu related material…

June Issue: Elle Japan – Galac – Men’s Non No – Clubism – Barfout ! – 東京グラフィティ(Tokyo Graffiti)

July Issue: Larme – Jelly – Madame Figaro Japan – Mina – Non no – Spur – Spring – Vivi – 装苑 (Souen) – Cocohana.

Elle Japan Special Page

Elle Japan Clip

Men’s Non No mini gallery

Galac Photoshoot (source)