Prophecy Cameos

Back in 2015, young actress Komatsu Nana was still a newcomer in spite of her remarkable debut in The World of Kanako the previous year. Before she embarked on a Taiwanese journey for Martin Scorsese’s Silence and filled Japanese theaters with no less than 5 films in 2016, she landed a lead role in Close Range Love (2014), a romantic comedy, and had a small supporting role in Bakuman (October 2015).

In Prophecy (June 2015) she was just there for two cameos with a total screen time that did not exceed 1mn 30s. She was Kaede, a young waitress…

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Hiroshima Film Festival 2022

Actress Komatsu Nana, co-star Sakaguchi Kentaro and director Michihito Fujii were in Hiroshima on Friday November 18 for a special screening of The Last Ten Years at the NTT Cred Hall. The film had been selected to open the festival, the trio went on stage for a brief chat and presentation during which the director said he would like to work again with the two young stars.

Prior to the festival opening, director Michihito Fujii and his two leads went to the Peace Memorial Park for a moment of recollection (wreath of flowers, minute of silence)

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Maniac Hero Promo Recollection

On May 7, 2016, Maniac Hero/ヒーローマニア生活, a film by director Keisuke Toyoshima, hit Japanese theaters. On that day there was a special screening and stage greetings at the TOEI Marunouchi Cinema in Tokyo.

Plot by Asian Wiki: Nakatsu (Masahiro Higashide) was laid off at his company and now works part-time at a convenience store. One day, Nakatsu forms a vigilante group to protect his town with Toshida (Masataka Kubota), who has a mysterious physical ability, Kaori (Nana Komatsu), who is a female high school student with excellent information gathering abilities, and Kusaki (Tsurutaro Kataoka), who wields hammers under his sleeves. As they punish evil doers, the group gains popular support…

…but with power comes great responsibility, and a very shady, power-greedy individual with a political agenda is very much interested in the group.

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Moonlight Shadow Deluxe Edition

Moonlight Shadow, Edmund Yeo‘s beautiful adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s novella was released on Bluray (regular and deluxe editions) on September 14. Here’s a post to celebrate !

Bluray Deluxe edition: purple slipcase, 3 postcards, film on Bluray, bonus DVD with a making of documentary (39′) and stage greetings reports (press conference on September 1, premiere on September 11, 2021). It is available from several online stores such as CD Japan or Amazon Japan.

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Shogakukan Short Film

A very special CM, a true short film actually, was released on Monday August 8 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Shogakukan, a company with headquarters in Chiyoda (Tokyo) which is a world famous publisher much known for producing and distributing magazines, manga, picture books, light novels, educational and reference books in Japan, the USA and Europe.

The movie is 17 minutes long and was directed by Takahiro Miki whom we briefly see at the end of the story. Though voice actor Koichi Yamadera appears in the film the main cast is actress and model Komatsu Nana. This quality CM offers remarkable animated sequences in a unique voyage through time and publications.

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