Pages and Groups on Facebook

Facebook is not the most popular platform in the fandom of actress and model Komatsu Nana. Most fans, especially in Asia, would rather use SNS or services like Twitter, Instagram, Weibo or Naver where lots of fan accounts can get several thousands of followers, like Nyang Nana on Twitter or Konichans32 on Instagram.

However various pages and groups have surfaced on Facebook in recent years. The most active and up-to-date page definitely is Nana Komatsu 小松菜奈 VietNam: news, pic galleries, links like many other fanpages but they also organise events and contests to win special gifts such as magazines or artwork…

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Artwork 5

Social media such as Instagram or Pinterest offer drawings, paintings and sketches created by either Nana Komatsu fans or artists who specialise in portraying Japanese actors and celebrities. Instagram is not the only popular place for sharing Nana Komatsu artwork, many pics can also be found on TwitterDeviant Art or Behance.

Artwork 5 is the fifth post of a series dedicated to such productions from selected designers, amateurs or professionals. The name or account of each and every artist can be found at the bottom of each piece of artwork, with a clickable link. Featured portrait by Tadayoitsuduke.

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Short trip through her films

From time to time, some fans make real wonders whether it is with drawings or short clips. This video edit, a collage of short sequences from films Komatsu Nana starred in has no doubt a professional vibe to it. The author who runs a fan account on Twitter (Koni7Film) promised more to come and will include more sequences, especially from movies that were not used there, like Kuru/It comes for instance.

Charisma met Charisma

What was once just a piece of fiction in a movie (Ito aka Tapestry) has become reality. Through their respective agencies, actor and musician Masaki Suda (Top Coat) and actress and model Nana Komatsu (Stardust Promotion) have announced their marriage.

In a joint communiqué the two young stars said they were grateful to all those who supported them and wished the same people will welcome and care about them as a couple. Stating they are still young (未熟な二人, immature? very young) they both say they are just like when they met and are happy and hopeful making a family and continuing working…

Celebrities, fellow thespians, film directors, mangaka, fashion magazines, movie accounts, cinema magazines and fans around the world congratulate the two for their marriage, here is a non exhaustive list: singer songwriter Aimyon, actors Go Ayano and Takeru Satoh, directors Takahiro Miki and Edmund Yeo, Nana Komatsu’s long time friend and model Emma, editorialists from Elle Japan, Vogue Japan, Frau, Aera, Ginza, Marie Claire Taiwan … as well as Japanese national TVs (NHK, Asahi TV…) and film distributor Gaga Corporation. Actress Fumi Nikaido who worked with Nana Komatsu in two movies (The World of Kanako, Ito/Tapestry) and has close ties with Masaki Suda’s family said: ‘Two people whom I love have become a family. Congratulations!’

Sources: too many to mention as the news topped trending, hot topics and hot searches on Twitter, Yahoo and Google in Japan, Naver in South Korea and was also trending in other Asian countries. A list of several hundred links would be a fastidious piece. So, Oricon News which was one of the first big media outlets to spread the news on Monday and Masaki Suda’s Official Twitter as well as Nana Komatsu’s Official Instagram: Oricon NewsMasaki Suda TwitterNana Komatsu Instagram – Pictures from the ending sequence of Ito/Tapestry (2020).