Moonlight Shadow at T.I.F.F.

Moonlight Shadow had its Japanese theatrical release on September 10 so Monday’s screening at T.I.F.F. hardly was a premiere for the film which was part of the Nippon Cinema Now selection. It was though, for actress Komatsu Nana who officially attended the famous festival for the very first time. On November 1, at 6.20 p.m. JST, the lights went off at the Toho Cinema in Hibiya, Tokyo and the audience watched Edmund Yeo’s poetic adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s novella.

It’s a journey into pain, sorrow and grief yet with a touch of lightness as well as hope and recovery in the end. Having watched it four times, I won’t back down: the film is beauty, Nana Komatsu’s perf a stellar one.

There were stage greetings and a Q&A session, co-stars Hio Miyazawa and Himi Sato joined in…

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Moonlight Shadow Interviews

One of the highlights of the current promotional campaign for Moonlight Shadow, Edmund Yeo‘s adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novella was the publishing of a couple of interviews of lead actors Nana Komatsu and Hio Miyazawa. The movie which the writer praised as ‘a masterpiece of elegance’ will be premiered tomorrow at the Toho cinema in Hibiya, Tokyo, as a prelude to its national release in Japanese theaters on the same day, Friday 10 !

Links, pics and a selection of translated quotes from the actress who plays Satsuki, the main character and narrative voice in Moonlight Shadow.

Fashion Press interview

‘She played Satsuki’s emotional subtleties with great sensitivity’ (Fashion Press)

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