Moonlight Shadow Teaser

On Friday July 9, the Moonlight Shadow production team released the official poster and a 30″ teaser trailer for the film, bound for a September release in Japan. It has been revealed that actor Hio Miyazawa will play Hitoshi, Satsuki‘s deceased boyfriend.

In his comments, the actor, who grabbed awards and recognition for His, praised director Edmund Yeo for his positive attitude during the shooting (‘always a smile on his face, paying attention to the actors’ needs’) as well as actress Komatsu Nana who plays Satsuki, the main character: ‘Satsuki, is a unique woman with a strong will of her own, so I thought that only Ms. Komatsu, who has a unique atmosphere could play the role’.

Moonlight Shadow is the film adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novel, published in Japan in 1986. It has been translated in many a language and is still a book dear to the heart of the famous novelist.

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Moonlight Shadow

The last that ever she saw him carried away by a moonlight shadow…Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novel published in 1986 was indeed inspired by Mike Oldfield‘s most emblematic song (1983). The main character, Satsuki, is a young woman “coming to terms with the death of her boyfriend, Hitoshi, in a car accident and her friendship with her boyfriend’s brother, Hiiragi, whose girlfriend, Yumiko, also died in the same accident. With Japanese cultural and surrealistic themes, it is an example of Yoshimoto’s clean writing style that portrays the emotions of grief, loss, and hope.” (from Wikipedia)

Actress Komatsu Nana is Satsuki thus taking the lead in the novel’s adaptation by Singapore born Malaysian director Edmund Yeo (We, The Dead – Malu…). Set for release next fall.

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