October Fashion Bits

Actress and model Komatsu Nana on the catwalk for designer Ippei Oki who presented his spring-summer 2021 collection for SHOOP in a runway format on October 17, as part of the Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo, a series of events which began on Monday October 12. Shoop is a fashion brand based in Tokyo and Madrid (Spain).

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2014 Yukata Mook

Scans from a Yukata mook published on June 20, 2014. This 77-page mag has actress Haruka Ayase on the cover. At the time, Komatsu Nana had already made a name for herself as a model but more was to come with the release of The World of Kanako, her first feature film, the following week.

Details: published by Takarajimasha – ISBN-10 : 4800228255 – ISBN-13 : 978-4800228253. Used copies can easily be found on Yahoo Japan Auctions or even Amazon Japan. Nana Komatsu featured article: ‘A leisurely stroll in Yanaka*’ (ゆくりと谷中をめぐります).

*Yanaka is a worth visiting area in Shitamachi, Tokyo

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Vogue Singapore Issue 1

Three covers and thus three different models for the very first issue of Vogue Singapore, ‘Arise’, bound to become a collectable item. Singaporean model Diya Prabhakar, Chinese model Ju Xiaowen and Japanese actress Nana Komatsu have been chosen for this inaugural edition.

From Vogue Singapore: ‘To complete the triptych of covers is Komatsu, shot on film by Fish Zhang* in a hotel in Tokyo via Zoom. Her latest movie Threads—Our Tapestry of Love was filmed in Singapore last year. She speaks about a poignant scene in the movie, where a mother tells a little girl to be considerate to others and to hug anyone who is feeling sad. In a post-pandemic world, Komatsu hopes that we can move towards a kinder world where people can physically express their love for one another. “It made me realise more than ever how important human connection is,” Komatsu says.’ (from the featured article written by Amelia Chia)

*Photographs by Fish Zhang who was in charge for Chinese Art & Fashion mag Rouge Fashion Photobook issue #7.

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