Métiers d’Art Tokyo 2023

June 1: Chanel Métiers d’Art show and photo exhibition in Tokyo. On December 8 last year, Chanel set up its new Métiers d’Art show at the former Palace of Justice in Dakar, Senegal (Clip on Daily Motion), a first in Africa. The exhibition (pictures, garments, artwork etc…) is now paying a visit to Tokyo, Japan.

Of course, actress, model and Chanel House Ambassador Nana Komatsu attended. Among the guests and VIPs, other Chanel Ambassadors such as Jennie (Blackpink), Park Seo-joon and Kristen Stewart as well as several Japanese actresses and actors: Rinko Kikuchi, Fumi Nikaido, Kyoko Hasegawa, Yumi Kawai, Hiroya Shimizu

Komatsu Nana in Dakar: see posts Métiers d’Art in Dakar and Vogue Trip to Senegal

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L’Officiel, Interview Article

When in Paris for the Fashion Week at the beginning of March, Komatsu Nana was celebrated by Chanel as an emblematic ambassador ! For the show she became the Camelia Woman, at the center of the event: The Face of Chanel. During her visit she met with French writer Matthieu Peck, the result of that conversation and encounter is now available from L’Officiel, a world wide famous fashion magazine. Full interview article (in French): Nana Komatsu, Femme Camelia.

Below is a selection of translated excerpts and a few pics. Photographer: Emma Panchot, Stylist: Jennifer Eymère

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