More Outtakes from Parasite in Love

Kensaku Kakimoto‘s Parasite in Love hit Japanese theaters last year on November 12. Throughout the promo campaign, the production team released outtakes and on-the-set pictures on a regular basis. Here’s a selection to celebrate. DVD and Bluray editions out since March 23: Amazon Japan. Review on this blog: Is it in our heads?

Plot by Asian Wiki: A young man named Kengo Kosaka (Kento Hayashi) suffers from extreme mysophobia. Due to his compulsive disorder, he is unable to maintain a relationship with anyone. Kengo Kosaka is also a lonely young man. Meanwhile, high school student Hijiri Sanagi (Nana Komatsu) has scopophobia. Because of her fear of being stared at, she refuses to go to school. Both Kengo Kosaka and Hijiri Sanagi do not expect to find love with another person, but they meet and fall in love. They have happy days, but ….

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The Making of Parasite in Love

The DVD/Bluray of Parasite in Love, a film by director Kensaku Kakimoto, was released on March 23. The Deluxe edition (Bluray) includes a compilation of various promo and premiere events (52′) and a making of documentary (22′). Here’s a few screen caps from that documentary to celebrate.

Parasite in Love hit Japanese theaters on November 12 last year and is currently available on Netflix, depending on regions, with subs in the following languages: English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian. It is possible to order the DVD or Bluray online from sites such as CD Japan.

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Parasite in Love DVD

Parasite in Love, the latest opus from director, photographer and video-maker Kensaku Kakimoto will be available on DVD/Bluray from March 23 onwards. The Bluray edition has interesting bonuses such as the making of, the official trailer and some event footage (most certainly the Premiere)…

It is possible to pre-order it from various online stores. Non Japanese speakers may find it easier to do it from Amazon Japan as the site displays some English information and instructions: Bluray.

outtakes by Nico Perez

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Parasite in Love Soundtrack

The O.S.T. for Kensaku Kakimoto‘s Parasite in Love is available from various sources such as Open Spotify and Youtube.

13 Japanese and international artists have contributed to the soundtrack: Christian FenneszShun IshiwakaMirrrorAkeboshiHideaki ShiratoMeirin (Zombie Chang), Manami KakudoCony PlanktonBlack BoboiJulia ShortreedTokyo ShiokojiSarah Hemi and Miyu Hosoi. In addition, Okinawan singer songwriter Awich wrote and performed the theme song.

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Parasites on the set

Parasite in Love has entered its second week of release and in spite of a relatively limited number of theaters where it’s screened (150+, not the ‘usual’ 250+) the movie remains in the Top 15 in terms of box office, according to Viewers’ reviews are positive more often than not with a 3.3 average at and 3.4 at Filmarks

The production team has released a new clip with footage from the ‘making of’. Check outtakes and on the set pictures from the film’s official Insta.

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