Sonoda Aoi Gallery

Actress Nana Komatsu is Aoi Sonoda in Ito aka Tapestry, director Takahisa Zeze’s summer hit in 2020. From Hokkaido to Singapore, Okinawa and Tokyo and through two eras –Heisei then the beginning of ReiwaAoi endures a lot: domestic violence, separation, disillusions and betrayal but she’ll triumph anyway. Determined, strong willed and undefeated, she will eventually reconnect with her roots and childhood love, Ren (Masaki Suda).

Acting wise, Komatsu Nana is perfect, her character is very different from the quirky, unconventional, odd or atypical characters she has often played. She’s just a woman with a great soul, simple yet superb. Here’s a selection of screencaps to celebrate.

Various editions of Ito (standard, deluxe) on Bluray: Amazon Japan

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