Mori Girl 2011

Late 2000s, early 2010s, a new street fashion style emerged in places like Harajuku in Tokyo, the Mori Girl: The idea of the mori girl is to look like she’s just come from living in the woods. A mori girl starts her wardrobe with the colors of the earth like white, cream, brown, and gray. Other added colors tend to be dusty and gentle. Light layers and loose silhouettes are a must, and then come the accessories. Long necklaces, low heeled shoes, natural makeup and hair, and plenty of lace complete the look (Lindsay Erin)

Main sources: Blue SandEnia’s BlogLindsay Erin

Ruby Paper 2011

A remarkable series of B&W photographs for Ruby Paper Issue 02. In the September 2011 edition of the magazine, one of the featured articles, ‘She’s a Rainbow’, had 15-year-old model Nana Komatsu in a photoshoot with Tokyo based photographer Kazuki Nagayama who has been working with her since then, the latest collaboration being the Phaeton/Leto photobook last April.

Sources: Dadane (Tumblr) – RubyPaper

Shabondama Short Film

Prior to her breaking role in The World of Kanako (2014) and even before she appeared in the Tadaima short film (2013), Nana Komatsu had a first film experience with Shabondama, directed by Seta Natsuki.

This short film (runtime is 6’46”) was part of a 18-piece ensemble called Nihon no uta, a compilation of Japanese nursery rhymes and kids songs illustrated by a wide range of directors. The Nihon no uta DVD originally released in November 2010, is still available from various online stores: Amazon Japan.

selected screenCaps

official trailer

Shabondama SD

low res 640×480

Sources: Nihon no utaMovie WalkerBulles de savon (N.K. French blog)

Nihon no uta documentation (Japanese) : PDF Flyer

Against Collection 2012

In February and March 2012, department store Shibuya 109 opened 23 new stores as part of their renovation scheme. One of them, ‘Against’, presented a ladies’ wear collection designed by Masonic Design Office Ltd (メソニックデザインオフィス). Model was 16-year-old Nana Komatsu.

Sources: Tokyu press releaseYoimachi


In 2011, 15-year-old Nana Komatsu was chosen as a model in a promo campaign for The Apia Dome aka Apia JR TOWER in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Though she hardly was a household name at the time, she was becoming increasingly visible in magazines such as Spoon, Jille, Papier or Haco and more often than not, her photoshoots already had that odd, slightly offbeat quality that became some sort of trademark.

Hairstyle: Kazunori Miyasaka.

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