Niko and… Evolution

The latest clip for the Spring & Summer campaign of lifestyle brand Niko and is now online: the CM, a short film with ambassadors Suda Masaki and Komatsu Nana, and the ‘making of’. The CM is called Evolution (進化) an artistic and metaphoric film about how humans evolve through space, seasons and life. (This page will be regularly updated as more is likely to surface)

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You, a notebook and coffee

As Niko and… is about to release ‘Evolution’ (進化) a new CM-Short Film featuring brand’s ambassadors Suda Masaki and Komatsu Nana, let’s go back to the very first CM released by the lifestyle company on March 9 2018: 君とノートとコーヒーと. Directed by Yuichi Fukuda – Runtime: 10’34”.

Plot: in a small house coffee shop, a young woman pens down a note on a free-writing notebook, when she comes back to the place a stranger has left a reply. And there’s Momiji, the cat.

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Autumn True True True

The latest CM/Short film by Niko and has been released today, September 11 (Japan time). Once again, ‘Niko and’ had Nana Komatsu and Masaki Suda star in a quality short film as ambassadors of the brand. Song: Kotoba by 金色Bitter (kinirobitter)

Autumn True True True

Official campaign pics

short film vidcaps

making of vidcaps

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