An An Magazine 2016

Actress and model Komatsu Nana made the cover of the February issue of An An magazine, one of the oldest and most popular women’s magazines in Japan. The article and photoshoot, ‘A week-end in Taiwan‘, was quite appropriate for food-loving Nana Komatsu whose love and interest for Taiwanese cuisine, landscapes and people is no secret.

Issue #1992, February 24, 2016. Photographs by Masanori Akao from WhiteStout.

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OR NOT Archives and Vintage

Updated on July 15: series of E-Wax photographs for a new editorial.

OR NOT is a fashion company based in Tokyo (Shibuya). It was established in 2019 and, in their own words, OR NOT’s aim is to provide “Designs that were announced in earlier days by their designers that never lose their splendour; in other words, archive items

Actress and model Komatsu Nana, whose love for vintage is well-known, wears Helmut Lang clothes and accessories in a recent photoshoot for OR NOT Official online magazine (June 2021). Photographs by E-Wax Studio. Stay tuned for updates to come soon !

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Coziki Island

Iki Island is the biggest island of a small archipelago west of Kyushu, South West Japan. Though it is part of the Nagasaki Prefecture, the shortest way to get there is taking the ferry from Fukuoka or Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.

On top of magnificent landscapes, the volcanic Iki Island is rich with ancient mythology and traditions which are a source of inspiration for Coziki Magazine, a publication that offers photography, cultural articles and manga series based on the island’s mythological characters.

Actress and model Komatsu Nana, whose father was born in the Saga Prefecture, went there in Spring 2019 to promote issue #2 of the magazine, a mag which is available either on the island itself or at cultural events throughout Japan.

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