Parasites on the set

Parasite in Love has entered its second week of release and in spite of a relatively limited number of theaters where it’s screened (150+, not the ‘usual’ 250+) the movie remains in the Top 15 in terms of box office, according to Viewers’ reviews are positive more often than not with a 3.3 average at and 3.4 at Filmarks

The production team has released a new clip with footage from the ‘making of’. Check outtakes and on the set pictures from the film’s official Insta.

Kento Hayashi: ‘Nana-chan has a really good personality. Her presence on the set brightens the atmosphere. But when she starts acting, she becomes a different person from the one we just saw, and everyone is drawn in. I was genuinely amazed at her expressive power, not only during the shooting of the movie, but also when she took pictures with me today.’ (The TV Japan interview, November 23)

Nana Komatsu: ‘Director Kakimoto told us, ‘This is my first time making a feature film of this scale. How do we do it? Please tell me‘. I was really impressed by that. I thought it was amazing that an adult with so many experiences could honestly say, ‘Please teach me,’ in such a straightforward manner, and at the same time I thought, ‘We want to help the director with everything he wants to do’ (…) His words made everyone very cheerful, and I felt a sense of excitement, just like when I was in elementary school and we were doing handicrafts from scratch.’ (The TV Japan interview, November 23)

Kento Hayashi: ‘She interacted with people in a normal way and talked to staff members without making any distinction. When I think of Nana-chan, I always see her on set, surrounded by people and loved by everyone.’ (The TV Japan interview, November 23)

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