Art of Glass

Photo session with actress and model Komatsu Nana for the Chinese edition of UK based magazine Glass. For the Spring Issue of the magazine (Glass China issue #2), director and photographer Gen Yoshida (aka Yuann) was in charge.

On their Instagram account Glass Mag quoted the actress: “Whether it’s acting a different kind of role or trying something new in life, I’m always open. I want to climb Mount Fuji and visit a lot of places in Japan before hitting 30.” Stylist: Aya Kaendo, Make up artist: Kanako Yoshida.

Pic Sources: Glass Mag (Insta) – LilxLilYoshida Kanako

One thought on “Art of Glass

  1. When I first saw these pictures I thought she captured the look of a JoJo’s character. The hair and some of these clothes are a perfect fit.


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