Winter Mags 2020-2021

Compilation post with photographs from magazines published throughout the cold season. Stay tuned as it will be regularly updated. Temp list: Vogue Japan (February 2021) – Figaro Japan (January 2021) – Ginza (December 2020) – Barfout (December 2020) – Pictup (December 2020)…

Vogue Japan – Women of the Year

Madame Figaro (January 2021)

Photoshoot with Ayami Nakajo

Ginza Mag (December 2020)

barfout (December 2020)

Pict-Up (December 2020)

Main Sources: LilxLilGinza MagModel PressKoninana7iiiiii.iii.iiiiiiiiiiBarfout (Twitter)

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