Sayonara Kuchibiru, Hello Shinjuku

Director Akihiko Shiota and his lead actors were at the Toho Cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for the nationwide theatrical release of Sayonara Kuchibiru, yesterday (Japan time). Nana Komatsu, Mugi Kadowaki and Ryou Narita entertained the audience before the actual screening.

Here is a compilation of the numerous pictures that were published by the following media outlets: Movie Walker, Moviche, Natalie Music,, Cinema Today, Model Press, Mantan Web, My Navi and Crank in.

Nana Komatsu


Fudge Magazine Interview

Nana Komatsu and co-star Mugi Kadowaki on the promotion frontline again, this time in an interview for Fudge Magazine. The two young actresses talk at length about the complexities of emotions that bind, cement and also part Haru and Leo in the road movie/musical from Akihiko Shiota, in Japanese theatres on Friday.

They also develop a bit about Shima, their roadie (impersonated by Ryo Narita) who as a friend, roadie and manager tries to keep them together. Recalling the different performances, especially street appearances, the two reach the same conclusion, the music is a key element in the movie because some emotions can’t be explained or even conveyed through just words.

Latest from Stardust

From this official interview published by her agency, some details about the shooting of Sayonara Kuchibiru are revealed. The very first scene for instance wasn’t planned in the original script, the actress imagined and suggested it. Most of the time, scenes were filmed in just one take and director Akihiko Shiota doesn’t use a clapperboard to end a take, allowing his actors to let it flow.

There was one noticeable exception with the scene at the vending machine, no one -i.e. the director, the staff and the actresses- was satisfied with what was shown and the level of emotion, it was therefore shot again on the last day of the shooting session with a very satisfactory result then.

Nana Komatsu also develops on how it was to perform in front of a crowd of extras: tension but also fun. The movie hits Japanese theatres on Friday this week.