Sakura Stage Greetings

Saturday, November 14: director Hitoshi Yazaki and some of the actors –Takumi Kitamura, Ryo Yoshizawa, Yui Kobayashi and Nana Komatsu– were at the Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema in Tokyo for an audience stage greetings, presenting their new film: Sakura (Official Film Site).

As it was the first time an audience event was being held for most of them since the covid crisis began, everyone on stage looked very pleased, especially actress Komatsu Nana who said she felt like home. There was much talk about the good memories they all had from late night shootings and also about Chie, the dog (Sakura)

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Latest Sakura Bits

Sakura, the new film from Hitoshi Yazaki is out in Japan today. Here’s a small collection of recent promo or ‘making of’ pics plus a series of links to the latest interviews given by the two actors who were the most active in promoting the movie: Kitamura Takumi and Komatsu Nana. Official Film Site.

Interview in Asahi Book on November 10 (Japanese)

Interview for Stardust Promotion on November 11 (Japanese)

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