Close Range Yuni

In 2014, Nana Komatsu starred in Tetsuya Nakashima’s The World of Kanako, a very dark role in a dark and nihilistic tale. As Kanako she delivered a noticeable performance which launched her acting career. The same year the public could see her impersonate a totally different character in Close Range Love, a romantic comedy.

The script was rather linear, the theme a little ‘cliché’ and everything was quite predictable in this gentle romance. Newcomer Nana Komatsu was Yuni, a brilliant student, totally immersed in her studies, shy, reserved, almost unable to express her emotions therefore odd enough to be bullied a bit and basically very lonely. No wonder some high school girls in the public could relate. The movie was successful in Japan and other Asian countries and is often a favorite among the youngest members of her fandom. Here’s a collection of screencaps (1920×804)…

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