Belle in Taiwan

Taiwanese Magazine Bella has just published a photoshoot and an interview of the young actress and model. Wearing Chanel, including Coco Crush jewelry and accessories, Nana Komatsu talks at length about her career as a model, fans, the internet, her love for acting as well as the soft spot she has for Taiwan. Original article in Chinese by ELI. (Photo session in Tokyo)

Among other things she says she never thought she could be loved by so many people and develops a lot on how new roles are experiences that enrich her as a person. Whether it is in the world of fashion or the cinema industry Nana Komatsu likes to challenge herself because difficulties are the road to improvement. She wants to learn more.

As a person who values friendship and real interaction with people she says she really appreciated the kindness of the Taiwanese. She hopes she’ll return there to enjoy natural spots and the food !!

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