A song for you…

Just one week before the nationwide theatre release of the film, Gaga has just released a new clip featuring the HaruReo/ハルレオ duet performing ‘Sudden storm’ (たちまち嵐), a song written by Aimyon.

The official CD/EP (4 tracks) has entered the top 50 in both Oricon and Rekochoku charts and is available from several online stores like CD Japan. Pictures, movie flyer, news and general info (Japanese) available from the official site.

Sayonara Kuchibiru Book

The current promotional campaign for Sayonara Kuchibiru/FarewellSong, the new film by director Akihiko Shiota is pretty intense: official and fan events, stickers, EP/CD, Commercials, teasers and trailers and… the official film book.

It’s a beautiful item and a must-have if you are a fan of any of the three main thespians. The 103 page paperback volume offers a neat balance of quality pictures of Nana Komatsu, Mugi Kadowaki and Ryou Narita. It is cleverly split into chapters: Photo Story I, II & III – Making – Recording and Last Live Tour.

All the shots were taken on the film’s different locations: Osaka, Hamamatsu, Yokkaichi, Niigata, Hirosaki, Sakata and Hakodate. Photographer: Kotori Kawashima. You can buy this collectable book from Amazon Japan or CD Japan, both stores have English pages for non Japanese speakers.


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Promoting Sayonara Kuchibiru

Nana Komatsu and co-star Mugi Kadowaki have been very active these days, promoting the forthcoming release of their EP/CD (tomorrow) and the film, Sayonara Kuchibiru aka Farewell Song, which will hit Japanese theatres next week on Friday May 31. Here’s a recap of various promo events with a lot of pictures

Fan party at FM802 Radio – Wednesday May 15

Preparing the Music Countdown Program for MusicTV Japan

The two actresses were at their office and studio on Thursday 16, the program will be aired on the 25th, that is next Saturday.

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Farewell Song

a song and a movie…

Sayonara Kuchibiru, the theme song of the film of the same name will be released on Wednesday 22 by Universal Music. Written by Motohiro Hata and produced by popular singer songwriter Aimyon, the track is performed by Mugi Kadowaki and Nana Komatsu as the HaruReo/ハルレオ duet whose story is told in the movie…

The 4-track EP/CD is available from most online stores such as Tsutaya, Amazon Japan or CD-Japan. Universal Music set up a band page for the duet a while back: HaruReo Page. Already available on several streaming platforms, Sayonara Kuchibiru ranked #3 on Spotify Japan as of Sunday…

Full audio clip

Music video – Short version

Sayonara Kuchibiru, the movie

Directed by Akihiko Shiota, the film will hit Japanese Theatres on May 31. It got a market screening in Cannes 2019 as the movie is part of Gaga’s International sales Catalog.

Plot: Haru (Mugi Kadowaki) and Reo (Nana Komatsu) perform as musical duo Haru-Reo. With their indie music, they suddenly get popular. Even with their newfound success, they decide to disband the duo. Haru-Reo go on one last tour together. Their roadie Shima (Ryo Narita) goes with the girls on the tour. Reo has feelings for Shima, but Shima has feelings for Haru. (source: Asian Wiki)

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