Magazines galore

Covers, interviews and photoshoots, fashion and entertainment magazines have lavished readers with Nana Komatsu related material these days. Here’s a compilation of some shots you can find on Jelly, Men’s Non No, Mina, Souen, Tokyo Graffiti, Gala plus some more from various online magazines. All recent issues of print magazines can be purchased from Amazon Japan or CD Japan.

Men’s Non No (June)


Fudge Magazine Interview

Nana Komatsu and co-star Mugi Kadowaki on the promotion frontline again, this time in an interview for Fudge Magazine. The two young actresses talk at length about the complexities of emotions that bind, cement and also part Haru and Leo in the road movie/musical from Akihiko Shiota, in Japanese theatres on Friday.

They also develop a bit about Shima, their roadie (impersonated by Ryo Narita) who as a friend, roadie and manager tries to keep them together. Recalling the different performances, especially street appearances, the two reach the same conclusion, the music is a key element in the movie because some emotions can’t be explained or even conveyed through just words.

Cinema Cafe – Cinema Today

Two new reports in the last 24 hours or so, one from Cinema Cafe and the other from Cinema Today. Whereas the former has a strong focus on Sayonara Kuchibiru, the latter goes back to Nana Komatsu’s career as a whole.

In the Cinema Cafe article, the two actresses reveal how and why they complement each other in the film. Nana Komatsu says she felt very secure with a co-star like Mugi Kadowaki, describing her as a calm, strong and reliable person. Mugi Kadowaki returns a few compliments and says among other things that Nana Komatsu is a person full of energy, a helping hand when there’s a problem and a fave actress of hers.

Cinema Today: An actress with a strong screen presence

In the Cinema Today report, Nana Komatsu is asked why she favours films over drama (the count being 17 to 4). The actress develops on how the family atmosphere, the long sessions in different locations meeting lots of different people tend to make her enjoy films more than drama and if it is possible she will continue choosing films over drama.

When she shot The World of Kanako in 2014, she had no experience at all and wondered if she was fit to be an actress in the long run. Then new roles, new films gradually changed her perspective, adding that this led her to work even harder and transformed her as a person.

When she was younger, Hana and Alice (Shunji Iwai) ranked among her favorite films, she says that the kind of relationship she has with Mugi Kadowaki in Sayonara Kuchibiru sort of fulfilled a dream.

Sayonara Kuchibiru hits Japanese theatres in a few days (Friday May 31), next we’ll see Nana Komatsu star in Closed Ward (November) and Sakura (next year).

Otocoto Interview

In a new interview for Otocoto Magazine Nana Komatsu, Mugi Kadowaki and singer songwriter Motohiro Hata develop on the process that led to the making and recording of the theme song Sayonara Kuchibiru and share memories about the shooting of the film, in Japanese theatres next week, on Friday 31.

Nana Komatsu recalls she sometimes felt lonely practising the guitar alone or while recording in the studio booth, co-star Mugi Kadowaki confirms, adding it was more fun when they practised and played together.

At the end of the interview, Nana Komatsu reminds the readers of her peculiar path from model to actress and says how much she enjoys meeting people from different generations and discovering new places at each shooting spot through the films she’s in.