Yomei 10 Nen Spoilers

The post release promotional campaign for The Last Ten Years aka Yomei10Nen/余命10年 continues with the release of a new video by the production team on Friday March 25. The nearly 10-minute-long clip offers unreleased footage from the movie and the making of with an interview of the two leads –Komatsu Nana and Sakaguchi Kentaro– and director Michihito Fujii in a conversation format.

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Stardust and Model

On the eve of the Japanese theatrical release of The Last Ten Years aka Yomei Ten Nen/余命10年, two interesting interviews were published on Thursday March 3. One by Model Press (Sakaguchi Kentaro and Komatsu Nana), the other by Stardust (Komatsu Nana) the actress’ agency…

The young actress discusses her role, her working relationship with co-star Kentaro Sakaguchi and the challenges she had to face. Though the film required less than two months of shooting, it was extended over a year because director Michihito Fujii wanted to provide a real feel of the changing of seasons. That was part of his intention to film the life of Matsuri, the main character, with a documentary aspect.

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