Sayonara Kuchibiru, Hello Shinjuku

Director Akihiko Shiota and his lead actors were at the Toho Cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for the nationwide theatrical release of Sayonara Kuchibiru, yesterday (Japan time). Nana Komatsu, Mugi Kadowaki and Ryou Narita entertained the audience before the actual screening.

Here is a compilation of the numerous pictures that were published by the following media outlets: Movie Walker, Moviche, Natalie Music,, Cinema Today, Model Press, Mantan Web, My Navi and Crank in.

Nana Komatsu


A song for you…

Just one week before the nationwide theatre release of the film, Gaga has just released a new clip featuring the HaruReo/ハルレオ duet performing ‘Sudden storm’ (たちまち嵐), a song written by Aimyon.

The official CD/EP (4 tracks) has entered the top 50 in both Oricon and Rekochoku charts and is available from several online stores like CD Japan. Pictures, movie flyer, news and general info (Japanese) available from the official site.

Promoting Sayonara Kuchibiru

Nana Komatsu and co-star Mugi Kadowaki have been very active these days, promoting the forthcoming release of their EP/CD (tomorrow) and the film, Sayonara Kuchibiru aka Farewell Song, which will hit Japanese theatres next week on Friday May 31. Here’s a recap of various promo events with a lot of pictures

Fan party at FM802 Radio – Wednesday May 15

Preparing the Music Countdown Program for MusicTV Japan

The two actresses were at their office and studio on Thursday 16, the program will be aired on the 25th, that is next Saturday.

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