Making of Closed Ward

Just released on YouTube, a video that shows some footage of the film, the making of and bits of interviews. Reports from Moviche, Cinema Café,, Crank-in, RealSound.

Synopsis from AsianWiki: Hidemaru Kajiki (Tsurube Shofukutei), Chu-san (Gou Ayano) and Yuki (Nana Komatsu) are patients at a psychiatric hospital in Komoro, Nagano Prefecture. Hidemaru Kajiki killed his mother and daughter-in-law. Chu-san used to work as a salaryman, but he suffers from auditory hallucinations. Yuki is a high school student and she refuses to go to school. Due to that, she receives outpatient treatment. Patients at the psychiatric hospital try to live brightly, but things suddenly change. A murder takes place at the hospital. 

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Closed Ward on November 1

As reported by various media outlets (Natalie Music, Fashion Press, Moviche, Movie Walker, Realsound, Eigaland, Yahoo Japan…) Closed Ward/閉鎖病棟 by director Hideyuki Hirayama will hit Japanese theatres on November 1. The Official Site (a few pages and a Twitter scrolling menu for the time being) has just been launched.

The film stars Go Ayano, Nana Komatsu and veteran actor Tsurube Shofukutei has the lead, additional cast members include Kobayashi Satomi, Shibukawa Kiyohiko, Bando Ryota, Takahashi Kazuya, and Kino Hana.

Synopsis: Go Ayano is Chu, a salary man who suffers from hallucinatory bouts which can lead him to violence, he’s become estranged from his wife and family. Nana Komatsu is Yuki, an outpatient and a school girl with a long and painful history of truancy and suicide attempts. Tsurube Shofukutei is Hidemaru Kajiki, the main character, a man who murdered his family. A failed execution broke his spine and he is now an in-patient on a wheel chair in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Residents and out patients coexist relatively peacefully there until one day a murder case occurs…

Filming took place in Matsumoto and in Nagano for the most part.

Making of mini gallery