Makoto Higa Gallery II

Nana Komatsu is Makoto Higa in Tetsuya Nakashima‘s Kuru. The younger sister of Japan’s most powerful spiritualist (Kotoko) and the girl friend of Nozaki, a freelance journalist who has specialized in the occult. Makoto is a psychic and can communicate with the ‘other world’. Out of some maternal instinct she will try to protect a child from a demonic and powerful force.

Meet Makoto – Short Scene (1’40”)


The Makoto Higa Gallery

来る Kuru, English working title ‘It Comes !’, will be released on DVD and Bluray on Wednesday July 3 in Japan. Hence the opportunity to display a selection of official pics and a few vidcaps of Nana Komatsu as Makoto Higa.

Four years after director Tetsuya Nakashima launched her acting career with The World of Kanako, he asked her to join a superb ensemble cast (Junichi Okada, Takako Matsu, Satoshi Tsumabuki and Haru Kuroki) for another challenging role.

The actress confessed in various interviews that it took her sometimes up to 4 hours to prepare. She had to dye her hair and her body was covered with tattoos and terrible scars. In spite of her somewhat odd and a bit scary looks Makoto actually is a positive character, a psychic who will confront an invisible yet mighty force to protect a child. Her role ramps up in the last third of the movie.

From the film booklet

The Bluray Deluxe edition comes with a bonus disc featuring making-of, interview with the original author (novel), event footage collection and talk session. There is also a standard edition. Both are available from online stores such as CD Japan or Amazon JapanKuru Official Site.