Prophecy Cameos

Back in 2015, young actress Komatsu Nana was still a newcomer in spite of her remarkable debut in The World of Kanako the previous year. Before she embarked on a Taiwanese journey for Martin Scorsese’s Silence and filled Japanese theaters with no less than 5 films in 2016, she landed a lead role in Close Range Love (2014), a romantic comedy, and had a small supporting role in Bakuman (October 2015).

In Prophecy (June 2015) she was just there for two cameos with a total screen time that did not exceed 1mn 30s. She was Kaede, a young waitress…

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Métiers d’Art in Dakar

This autumn, artistic director Virginie Viard set up the Chanel Métiers d’Art show in Dakar, Senegal, a project that was three years in the making. Working closely with local talents, from designers to film makers, Chanel launched a series of four documentaries made by a team from the Kourtrajmé Cinema School, a talent pool which has the backing of directors such as Ladj Ly.

Though many V.I.P. guests were French and Senegalese, celebrities from other countries also attended, among them Naomi Campbell, Pharrell Williams and actress, model and Chanel House Ambassador Komatsu Nana, who had arrived in Senegal on December 7, on the eve of the show.

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Artwork 5

Social media such as Instagram or Pinterest offer drawings, paintings and sketches created by either Nana Komatsu fans or artists who specialise in portraying Japanese actors and celebrities. Instagram is not the only popular place for sharing Nana Komatsu artwork, many pics can also be found on TwitterDeviant Art or Behance.

Artwork 5 is the fifth post of a series dedicated to such productions from selected designers, amateurs or professionals. The name or account of each and every artist can be found at the bottom of each piece of artwork, with a clickable link. Featured portrait by Tadayoitsuduke.

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Hiroshima Film Festival 2022

Actress Komatsu Nana, co-star Sakaguchi Kentaro and director Michihito Fujii were in Hiroshima on Friday November 18 for a special screening of The Last Ten Years at the NTT Cred Hall. The film had been selected to open the festival, the trio went on stage for a brief chat and presentation during which the director said he would like to work again with the two young stars.

Prior to the festival opening, director Michihito Fujii and his two leads went to the Peace Memorial Park for a moment of recollection (wreath of flowers, minute of silence)

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