The Last Ten Years Photobook

A big box-office hit in Japan last year and comparatively even more successful in Taiwan (1 million+ viewers for a population of 21M), The Last Ten Years will soon hit theaters in South Korea (May 24). The two leads, Komatsu Nana and Sakaguchi Kentaro, who both enjoy a solid fanbase in this country, are expected to participate in PR events on June 4. To celebrate here’s another post with a few selected scans from the photobook.

The Yomei 10 Nen photobook was published on March 2, 2022. 96 pages, quality paper, over 200 pics, this nice collectable item is available from several online stores for 2200 yens (about $18): Amazon Japan.

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So Figaro China

Photoshoot and interview in the April 2023 issue of So Figaro China. Komatsu Nana discusses fashion, her debut as well as her moments of doubts and satisfaction as an actress. Interview excerpts translated from Chinese to English (check Twitter sources below)…

‘Staying true to my original self means not compromising easily and not changing for the sake of following the crowd. Because the world exists and embraces all kinds of people, I have been able to keep developing my own unique personality and move forward with it’ (Nana Komatsu)

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