Promoting Vogue Girl 2019

On March 13th 2019, in Tokyo, actress and model Komatsu Nana participated in a promo event for the April edition of Vogue Girl Japan. The press conference was held at the Harajuku Quest Hall in the company of Vogue Girl Chief Editor Watanabe Mitsuko.

The then forthcoming issue of the fashion magazine had the actress on the cover and a featured article called Here comes wonder girl. Special post on this blog: Vogue Girl Japan 2019.

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Hear Her Out

“Always a pleasure to work with Chanel, always a pleasure to work with Nana” wrote photographer and director Julien Birban Lévy in a tweet announcing his new short film on Thursday May 19. The French artist who often uses Tokyo, Paris or New York as base camps previously worked with actress and model Komatsu Nana on several occasions, especially in 2016 for the short film There is no Tomorrow.

This time he put his efforts into ‘Hear me out‘ a short film clip for Chanel and Madame Figaro Japon. Duration: 2’48 – Soundtrack: Who’s it gonna be by Suo – text by Salomé Kiner (French).

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2022 Late Winter Early Spring Mags

With her new film coming out soon – The Last Ten Years, out on March 4 – the young actress has been busy with interviews and photoshoots in a series of printed and online magazines…

Magazines list: Cinema Cinema (#97, February) – Good Error* (online interview, February) – Barfout (March) – Vogue Japan (March) – Bis Mag (cover, March) – Cut (March) – Sweet (March) – Act (March) – Nylon Japan (March) – Popeye (March) – Men’s Non No (March) – Good Rocks (#113, March) – Banger* (online interview, March) – Flix (April) – Harper’s Bazaar (cover, long interview, April) – Spring (cover, April) – Jelly (April) Most if not all can be purchased from various online stores, links will redirect you to Amazon Japan (except *) Stay tuned for updates ! Latest update: March 1.

Harper’s Bazaar (April)

Featured article in the April issue of Harper’s: a 14-page Komatsu Nana special with an interview and a photo session, Portrait of Herself (Elle shop). Other sources: Model Press

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Classy photoshoot for the September 2021 issue of Hong Kong fashion magazine Manifesto. Manifesto Issue #79 was a Special 10th Anniversary edition with different covers: Nana Komatsu, Yosuke Kubozuka (Japan) ; Ian Chan (Hong Kong) ; Hoyeon Jung, Bomi Youn (South Korea) ; Jan Baiboon (Thailand) ; Marjan Jonkman (The Netherlands) and three other models, all in all 10 different covers.

Actress and Chanel Ambassador Nana Komatsu wears Chanel clothes and jewelry. Photographer: Keiichiro Nakajima.

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