Colorful Mook

In 2010, teen model Komatsu Nana hardly was a household name, yet you could already see her in popular magazines like Spoon, Jille or Haco. In september 2010, the 3BJunior model (Stardust Promotion) was on the cover of a knitting and crochet mook ‘Colorful and Cute Knit small articles’ (カラフル&キュートなニットこもの)

Details: 80 pages – ISBN-10: 4834731049 – ISBN-13: 978-4834731040 – release date: September 6, 2010. This rather rare item may be purchased from online stores like Amazon Japan which sometimes offer used copies in good condition for a very reasonable price.

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2010 Yukata Mook

Back in 2010, 14-year-old Komatsu Nana was a burgeoning model from 3BJunior, the underage section of Stardust Promotion Agency. In June, she appeared on the cover of 今着たいおでかけゆかた (literally ‘the yukata you want to wear when going out’) for its July issue, promoting the Lena Fujii Summer Collection of yukata and kimono. Her name appeared in the credits on page 2…

Details: photos by Kyoto Marubeni Co.Ltd – Mook #880, 30 July 2010 – published by ブティック社 – ISBN978-4-8347-5880-1

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Proto Star Collection

The Nana Komatsu Proto Star series, volume 1 to volume 9, were published as eBooks between February and November 2013. They were original and exclusive photoshoots from previous years. Young Nana Komatsu had been working as a teen model since she was 12 for magazines such as Jille, Spoon, Haco or Nico Petit. She also appeared in Panasonic commercials, more ‘prestigious’ mags such as Nylon Japan and was soon to embrace an acting career with The World of Kanako.

Those eBooks are still available from many online stores. Amazon Japan has the complete series on the Kindle format. However you must be a resident in Japan or at least use a credit card issued in Japan to purchase them. Below is a selection from volumes 1 to 3 (volumes 4 to 6 on page 2, 7 to 9 on page 3)

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The Early days

Actress, model and Chanel Ambassador Komatsu Nana is 24 today and she has achieved a lot whether it is in the world of cinema or in the world of fashion. She’s been in the entertainment industry for 12 years already. Maybe this is the right moment to go back to the times when it all began, long before she even considered being an actress.

Nana Komatsu was scouted in the Harajuku area in Tokyo when she was 12 years old and soon entered the 3B Junior pool of models and idols, which was then a division of Stardust Promotion, her current agency. Her first pics as a model were published by Nico-petit ニコプチ in 2008.

Those were the times when the young aspiring model and future actress was taking the train from her home in the Yamanashi Prefecture to Tokyo, in the company of her mother for the first contracts and subsequent trips. Pretty soon she travelled on her own as her parents wanted her to be independent.

In those days Nana Komatsu did not even think she would become an actress one day, she just wanted to continue as a model and considered becoming a hairstylist. Yet, she appeared in a short film or sort of called Shabondama in 2010 (Shabondama Short Film) and in a couple of music videos as well.

Many of the pics you will find below were once available from her old blog on Ameba, now they can be found in countless blogs, scattered all over the Internet (sources are mentioned, when available) : most of them are small, low res pics.

Nico-Petit (2008)

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Early Tsukao Photographs

Photographs of teen model Nana Komatsu (some as early as 2009) taken by renowned photographer Tsukao. The young model had her first pics published by Nico Petit in 2008, she was 12 then and pretty soon she became a familiar face in magazines such as Jille, Spoon, Haco or Nylon Japan. She also appeared in various music videos for Radwimps, Chatmonchy or Shiina Ringo and had a small role in a short “musical” called Shabondama (2010). At the time, she did not consider an acting career …

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