NHK Commercial 2015

On 23 February 2015 Komatsu Nana appeared in a CM combo called ‘Moving to Tokyo’ and ‘Mother’ for the NHK. In this short fiction, the young model and actress promises her “mom” she will wake up before the TV’s morning drama and then during an interview for a part time job, following her “dad‘s” advice she tells the owner of a coffee shop her fave TV is NHK…

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The Kodai Family Prequel

The Kodai Family was a feature film released in 2016 with Haruka Ayase and Takumi Saito as leads. At the time, dTV Channel (Avex) released Kodai Family’s People SP, a two-part drama, a sort of prequel/spin-off which was, just like the movie, based on the manga Kodaike no Hitobito (高台家の人々) co-starring Nana Komatsu and Mamiya Shotaro in the lead roles.

Unlike most actresses of her generation, Nana Komatsu seldom appears in TV series or drama. Although it is quite possible that shooting schedules are not compatible with her activities as a model (magazines, Chanel events, CMs etc…) it is more like a personal choice. In an interview for Cinema Today (May 2019) the actress confessed she found long filming sessions in different places and with a lot of different people more rewarding…

Kodai Family SP is not as interesting as Yume wo ataeru or Thrill! The Black Chapter and The Red Chapter, however fans of the actress will surely find it pleasant enough.

The two episodes are really hard to find on the Internet. So far, I’ve only seen Thai-subbed and French-subbed versions. From time to time they’re available from dTV’s Video On Demand Service (fee applies)

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Trabzon Selection

Shot in Turkey and marketed as ‘Nana Komatsu First Photo Collection‘ the Trabzon photobook was released on March 1, 2016. The 92 pages book offered 43 pictures of the young actress and model as well as shots of various places with locals.

Copies are still available for about $20 from several online stores like Amazon Japan or CD Japan. Just below is a limited selection of scans from ‘Trabzon’. Photographs by Keita Goto.

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