L’Officiel, Interview Article

When in Paris for the Fashion Week at the beginning of March, Komatsu Nana was celebrated by Chanel as an emblematic ambassador ! For the show she became the Camelia Woman, at the center of the event: The Face of Chanel. During her visit she met with French writer Matthieu Peck, the result of that conversation and encounter is now available from L’Officiel, a world wide famous fashion magazine. Full interview article (in French): Nana Komatsu, Femme Camelia.

Below is a selection of translated excerpts and a few pics. Photographer: Emma Panchot, Stylist: Jennifer Eymère

“I was only 12 years old when I was spotted on a street in Tokyo. I started out as a model, films came later, at 18 (…) I was not yet well known when they called me, it was a surprise; this House gave me my chance, there is now something filial between us.” (Nana Komatsu)

“She is a tremendous beauty, of course (…) a stare that pierces you and searches your soul – what we call electricity. If you pay attention to the movements of the stars, you will distinguish in her those strange worlds which, when they come together, reconfigure grace.” (Matthieu Peck)

“… to feel close to Gabrielle Chanel as well as Virginie Viard‘s vision today. As women, they are both role models: an affirmation of one’s self and independence (…) what we learn is that there are different ways of inhabiting the world”. (Nana Komatsu)

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