So Figaro China

Photoshoot and interview in the April 2023 issue of So Figaro China. Komatsu Nana discusses fashion, her debut as well as her moments of doubts and satisfaction as an actress. Interview excerpts translated from Chinese to English (check Twitter sources below)…

‘Staying true to my original self means not compromising easily and not changing for the sake of following the crowd. Because the world exists and embraces all kinds of people, I have been able to keep developing my own unique personality and move forward with it’ (Nana Komatsu)

About photography (one of her centers of interest): ‘I often take pictures of animals, flowers and some landscapes. Every time I take a great photo, I will look at it alone and smile unconsciously…’

About The Last Ten Years: ‘I had such a lovely and irreplaceable time on the set (…) when the shooting was over I suddenly felt empty, as if something was missing. I think it must have been because every day before was so full and involved. So, it took me a long time to recover before I could take on the next job…’

About her new life and marriage (with actor and singer Masaki Suda): ‘I met a partner who can enjoy everything with me and that has enriched my heart. I’d like to say thank you to him…’

About being an actress: ‘Acting means a new kind of excitement, which is enjoyable on the one hand, but also has moments of low confidence. Because many times you put a lot of effort and it’s not recognized. On the contrary there are some moments when you don’t feel confident, some serendipitous scenes that receive recognition and praise…’

Sources: So Figaro (Chinese) – Konichan7 (Insta)- Cha (Twitter) – Nana Komatsu Source (Twitter) – Anna (Twitter)

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