Vogue Trip to Senegal

Autumn 2022 (early December): actress and model Komatsu Nana spent a few days in Dakar, Senegal, as she went there to attend The Métiers D’Art Exhibition on December 8. The event was set up by Chanel with the active collaboration of local talents and organisations. It was a premiere in Africa ! Short report on this blog: Metiers d’Art in Dakar.

Vogue Japan prepared a report and there was a photosession with the actress, pictures which are published in the March issue of the famous magazine and also available in an online article. Vogue Japan March 2023 can be purchased from various online stores such as Amazon Japan. Photos by visual artist Djibril Dramé.

During her three-days trip, the actress strolled the old Medina District and the Soumbédioune area, a place known for small markets and artcrafts. She visited the Selebe Yoon Gallery and also went to Goree Island, a World Heritage Site with a lot of information available about the horrors of slavery.


Sources: Moka (Twitter) – Lili (Twitter) – Nana Komatsu Source (Twitter) – Vogue JapanVogue Japan (article)

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