Pages and Groups on Facebook

Facebook is not the most popular platform in the fandom of actress and model Komatsu Nana. Most fans, especially in Asia, would rather use SNS or services like Twitter, Instagram, Weibo or Naver where lots of fan accounts can get several thousands of followers, like Nyang Nana on Twitter or Konichans32 on Instagram.

However various pages and groups have surfaced on Facebook in recent years. The most active and up-to-date page definitely is Nana Komatsu 小松菜奈 VietNam: news, pic galleries, links like many other fanpages but they also organise events and contests to win special gifts such as magazines or artwork…

On November 10, the admin was in Hanoi for the screening of Moonlight Shadow where she welcomed movie-goers with special giftcards…

Other big pages

Though Nana Komatsu‘s fandom is much bigger in her country and in South Korea, the actress is quite popular in Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Here are some other pages, they’re way less active than they used to be though…

Another Vietnamese Fan Page

Other smaller pages

Pages, they come and go…everything is quite ephemeral on the internet, especially on Facebook. Some rather big pages have disappeared, others pop out from time to time and remain active just for short periods of time more often than not. What about Japan and South Korea? Facebook has never been popular in the two countries and the vast majority of Japanese and Korean fans of the actress will favor other platforms (mostly Twitter and Instagram but also Line and Naver)


There are several fan groups on the platform, the biggest and the most active one is Nana Komatsu World Fans. Founded in 2017 and run by an international team (French, Spanish, American and Vietnamese) it is a private group with rules and a set of questions that must be answered to apply for membership (5000+ members)…

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