Kimono Girl Mook 2

In October 2011, Kadokawa Publishing released another mook with young model Komatsu Nana on the cover. She was then promoted by 3BJunior, the junior/underage section of Stardust Promotion, had started her modelling career in 2008 with Nico-Petit ニコプチ and made her first cover for a magazine in 2010, the beginning of a long series up until now: Spoon. In 2011, she could be seen in Panasonic commercials and music clips by bands like Plenty or Radwimps

Details: Mook published by Kadokawa on October 31, 2011 – ISBN-10: 4048940937 – ISBN-13: ‎ 978-4048940931 – 63 pages – Photographs by Imajo Jun. This mook is out of print but used copies may be found on Yahoo Auctions or Amazon Japan.

Sources: Nippon GraphPinamama Blog + direct scans from the mook.

One thought on “Kimono Girl Mook 2

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