Parasite in Love Outtakes

Parasite in Love, a film by director Kensaku Kakimoto, was released in Japan on November 12 last year. It is currently available on Netflix (depending on regions) and DVD/Bluray release is set for March 23, it is possible to pre-order it online from sites such as CD Japan.

Throughout the promo campaign in November and December 2021, photographer Nico Perez posted outtakes on his Instagram account. Here’s a wide selection to celebrate.

‘The psychological romantic drama stars Kento Hayashi as Kengo Kosaka, Ryo Ishibashi as Yuichi, Arata Iura as Izumi and, Nana Komatsu as Sanagi Hijiri. With a runtime of 1 hour 40 minutes, the film has audio present only in Japanese but, subtitles are available both in Japanese and English.’ (Leisurebyte)

‘Parasite in Love speaks aeons with its visual grammar, the cinematography and editing are done with a finesse that makes the subtle metaphors layered throughout the film stand out without being too loud or taking the light away from the subplots unfolding in the film. There are snippets of animations used to showcase certain extreme fears and exaggerate them to help the audiences understand the difficulty our protagonists are facing and, they are at times great aid to bridging the gap between the viewers and the artists on screen’ (review from Leisurebyte)

‘looking at it as an independent piece of cinema, it really surprises you, makes you uncomfortable with realities and questions we might not essential confront in our everyday life. The actors, direction, cinematography all sync well together to provide this unique cinema.’ (review from Leisurebyte)

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