Yomei Post Release Campaign

The Last Ten Years is still doing very well at the box office on the second week: #1 in terms of access/popularity, #2 for tickets sold with a daily average of 45000 movie-goers. Promo activities continue with interviews, TV appearances and the release on Saturday 12 of a new music video by Radwimps, Ms Phenomenal/うるうびと from the movie soundtrack.

Model Press Interview (March 9)

Published on Wednesday 9, the interview was performed prior to the film’s release.

Excerpt 1: ‘After we started shooting, I talked with the director about not doing anything too over-the-top. We wanted to pursue realism and not exaggeration. We talked throughout the film about how we were going to burn ourselves out without compromise. That is why, when I played Mari, I had to cherish every minute…’ (Komatsu Nana)

Excerpt 2: Yes, at the age of 25 (at the time of filming), it was something that really stuck with me deeply. I intuitively felt that this film would be a milestone in my life as an actor (…) Of course, I have love for all the films I have performed in, but “10 Years to Live” was on a different stage, or rather, it was so spectacular that the way I love it was different from the previous ones. (Komatsu Nana)

Movie Walker Interview (March 8)

Excerpt: ‘I think it was my own feelings rather than Mari’s. I honestly felt conflicted about it on the set. Anyway, everything was piling up, so when the shooting was over, I felt like I had lived through it all… I felt as if the door to my life had closed with a bang (…) I don’t often let a role drag me down, but this time I really felt a sense of loss. I felt like I could finally breathe after the shooting was over, but I also felt a sense of loneliness, which was a feeling I had never experienced before. In that sense, the term two lives seemed to fit perfectly’ (Komatsu Nana)

Other Sources: Model Press

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