Anessa Ambassador

Actress, model and Chanel House Ambassador Komatsu Nana has been the figurehead of Shiseido‘s make up department Integrate for many years. She’s just been hired by Anessa (another Shiseido division) and appears in a series of TV spots to promote the brand’s new sun cream. Those CMs will be aired from the 20th onwards. The complete series of CMs, i.e. short and long versions, can be found on Shiseido’s YouTube Channel.

A PR event was held in Tokyo, the actress and model was offered a cake to celebrate her forthcoming birthday (Komatsu Nana will be 26 tomorrow, on Wednesday 16)…

screen caps

Sources: Anessa (Shiseido) – Anessa on TwitterModel PressPR TimesWWDOricon NewsFuji TV

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