D-Day for Parasites

There we are: Parasite in Love hits Japanese theaters as of today, over 150 of them all over the country. A special screening with stage greetings has been set for tomorrow at the Grand Cinema Sunshine in the Shinjuku Baltic 9 Complex, Tokyo. Co-stars Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu will attend in the company of director Kensaku Kakimoto.

Below you will find some info regarding last minute promo activities…(stay tuned for updates)

latest extended trailer

Message from Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu

Cinema Today Presentation (November 11)

Cinema Today’s Guest: Kensaku Kakimoto (November 11)

Latest Hayashi-Komatsu interview ! A rather long and interesting one for online mag Pintscope. The two thespians develop on their roles, the way the characters’ worries and emotions echoed their own…Among other things the actress tells us about her visit to the Parasite Museum in Meguro (Tokyo) which occurred prior to receiving an offer to star in Parasite in Love…her interest in foreign horror films and Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car.

Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu interview – Hosted by writer/announcer Satori Itou

Interview from Numero Tokyo published today

Kento Hayashi on his co-star: she is very friendly to everyone, and in a good sense she is a very ordinary woman. On the set, I was impressed by how she always seemed to be enjoying the moments with the staff. But when it came to acting, she was very serious and the atmosphere changed

Nana Komatsu on the ‘Lake’ scene: looking back on it now, I think the acting was raw. It’s something that can’t be done just by arrangements or rehearsals, and even the atmosphere changes by acting. Rather than just expressing myself, I was trying to keep up with the scene, and in the scenes where I had no choice but to do it, when Kento-san and I were in perfect sync, I felt like I was getting it. We spent some time working on the dialogue together and thinking about what we were going to do, but I also wanted to try out what we could create on the spot.

Nana Komatsu on ‘covid times’: it was also an opportunity for me to think about life again, as my time with my family is limited. It made me realize that the time we spend with our loved ones and the simple things we do are irreplaceable, and it gave me a gentle feeling.

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