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In order to promote Parasite in Love, co-stars Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu have been busy for several weeks, providing printed and online magazines with interviews. Kensaku Kakimoto‘s new movie is set for a nationwide release in Japan on Friday November 12.

Magazines List: Welfare Labour (November issue) – Anan (November issue) – Cinema Cinema (November issue, #95) – Da Vinci (December issue) – GQ Japan (December issue) – Jelly (December issue) – Nihon Eiga Navi (mook Vol.96) – PHP Special (December issue) – Spoon* (*Kadokawa, December issue, #144) – Location Japan* (*Rakuten books, December) – Non No (January 2022 issue). Unless specified, all clickable links redirect to the mag’s page on Amazon Japan (opens a new window)

Spoon (december issue)

Back in 2010, that is eleven years ago (!) teen model Komatsu Nana had her first mag cover with Spoon. Now a woman, a well-known model and a much sought-after actress, she makes the cover of the December 2021 issue with co-star Kento Hayashi. The two discuss their latest film together: Parasite in Love.

Da Vinci (December issue)

In the online interview published by Da Vinci News on November 6, the two thespians talked about books they’ve read. Komatsu Nana mentioned Paul Coelho’s The Alchemist: I love to travel and when I was looking for travel books on the internet, this one came up in the recommendations, I was about 19 or 20 years old and I felt like I had found the answer I wanted. It’s about a shepherd boy who believes in a dream that there is a hidden treasure waiting for him, and he sets off on a journey from the plains of Andalusia to the pyramids of Egypt. Through his journey, he encounters many different people and their values, and he accepts them with open arms.

She also said she talked a lot with her co-star Kento Hayashi about almost each and every scene. As she has in her own words a rather intuitive approach and was kind of puzzled by the addition of lots of CG effects, Kento Hayashi was very supportive in addressing the questions she had.

She added: The film was shot before the corona disaster and I asked myself “Love and insects? What does it mean to be parasitized and fall in love?” I was a bit confused about the setting of the story, but now I feel that it has become somewhat like a prophecy. In this film, it’s an insect, in our world, it’s a virus. It’s the same in the sense of coexistence, and we have to live in this world together with germs from now on. And there is so much information flowing around that we don’t know what to believe or what is true. I think that this film shows and tells us the axis that we should believe in, because we are in such a world now.

GQ Japan (December issue)

Featured article on Parasite in Love

PHP Special (December)

Jelly (December)

Digital TV Guide (December)

Anan (November issue)

welfare labour (November issue)

TV Guide (November 2)

Interview article

Nana Komatsu: ‘In order to act out the changes in emotions, it is very important to believe in each other. This was my first time working with Kento-san, but for some reason, we had the feeling we didn’t have to talk right from the beginning, which made me feel very comfortable. However, we did talk a lot in between about trivial things and our roles! To tell you the truth, this is the first time I’ve talked so much with my co-star about the role and the scenes.’

‘The three of us, with Kensaku Kakimoto, spent a lot of time discussing and working together, so I felt our bond deepening with each scene we shot.’

cinema cinema (november issue)

Includes an interview article about Parasite in Love

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