Promoting Parasite in Love

Two weeks to go before the official release of Parasite in Love on Japanese screens, nationwide. 153 theaters have been selected so far. Several stage greetings events have also been decided (list there) like on Saturday November 13 at the Grand Cinema Sunshine in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, actress Komatsu Nana will attend.

Though TV appearances might occur at some point, a few days before and after the theatrical release, the current promotional campaign focuses on printed and online magazines. Today, Biz Life Style has released a short Kento Hayashi/Nana Komatsu interview, this webzine issue is available as a free pdf file: Biz #155.

Great interview of Parasite in Love Director Kensaku Kakimoto on Creators Station. If you can handle Japanese a bit it’s a very interesting piece, really worth reading as he develops not only on the process that led to the making of his latest film but also on his background. Kakimoto-san has a solid experience as a video maker for many CMs and music clips…

The December issue of TV Digital Guide (now on sale) has a photo session with the two leads, Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu.

List of magazines with Parasite in Love contents (November and December): Welfare Labour (November issue) – Cinema Cinema (November issue, #95) – Da Vinci (December issue) – GQ Japan (December issue) – Jelly (December issue) – Nihon Eiga Navi (mook Vol.96) – PHP Special (December issue) – Spoon* (*Kadokawa, December issue, #144) – TV Digital Guide (December). Surely more to come…

Sources: TV Digital GuideCreators Station Biz Life Style

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