Parasite in Love Update

Major news on Thursday October 6 with the release of two full trailers (60s and 90s) as well as a new poster for Parasite in Love, the forthcoming movie of director Kensaku Kakimoto. The movie, starring Nana Komatsu and Kento Hayashi, is a film adaptation of Sugaru Miaki‘s novel (2016) and tells the story of two young people -Hijiri and Kengo- who suffer from rare phobias (gaze phobia and germ phobia) but fall in love with each other, against all odds yet for a short time…

Official Site: Parasite in Love (updated, new design). Artist, poetess and rapper Akiko Urasaki aka Awich wrote and performed the theme song.

90s Trailer

60s Trailer

Sources (media reports): Oricon NewsReal SoundCinema LifeHikari no HanaNatalie MusicEiga.comCinema TodayCinema Café

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