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Since the end of August, actress Komatsu Nana has been busy promoting her latest movie, Moonlight Shadow, and the next one, Parasite in Love, appearing in various film, fashion and entertainment magazines. Here’s a list below, also check dedicated posts for Elle Japan and Hong-Kong mag Manifesto (to be published soon)…

Magazines list: Souen (November issue) – Ar (November issue) Neol Mag* (22/09, online) – Cut** (November issue) – Anan* (22/09) – Esquire* (10/09, online) – Barfout (November issue) – Ginger* (21/09, November issue) – Madame Figaro Japan* (18/09, November issue) – Crea* (7/09) – Fashion Post* (9/09, 6/09, 2/09, online editions) – Kinema Junpo* (5/09) – Weekly TV* Guide (1/09) – TV Guide Alpha *(30/08) – Elle Japan (27/08) – Printed mags can be purchased from online stores like Amazon Japan. (Stay tuned for updates ! *Moonlight Shadow – **Parasite in love)

souen (November issue)

Interview article: Moonlight Shadow Souen Interview

Disclaimer: While spreading news about the activities of actress and model Nana Komatsu, we are also happily giving exposure to those who are working with her. By offering free publicity to a large number of media outlets, artists and journalists, and thus promoting Japanese cinema, fashion and pop culture, we are increasing visibility.  If you feel this post is not fair use of your articles, pictures or any other material, please let us know via the contact form before engaging in negative and counter productive procedures, we will gladly take appropriate steps to fulfil your request(s).

Selected excerpts (Nana Komatsu)

‘I heard from Ms. Banana herself that the original story was written when she was 24 years old, which is the same age as me when I was shooting (last year). I was really surprised to think that she wrote such impressive expressions at that age, and I felt like I was destined to be there’

‘I felt like I could be absent-minded while running, and even if I was tired after work, running made me feel better. So, I could relate to Satsuki’s suffering and how running was the only thing that helped her through it.’

‘The way of thinking and the flow of filming were different from Japanese directors, and there were many aspects that were left up to the actors. In terms of role creation, the director had originally envisioned Satsuki as a more peculiar girl, but when I told him the details of the image I had in my mind, we sometimes shot the scene twice using both images.’

‘I felt that the way the time axis was expressed and the way reality and fantasy were mixed together really brought out the charm of the director’s images. I was also impressed by the pop elements in some places, such as Satsuki’s room and costume. I felt that the visual lightness of the story spiced up the story…’

Ar (November issue)

Ar Special Post

madame figaro (November issue)

Large excerpt of the forthcoming interview of Nana Komatsu, Hio Miyazawa and Banana Yoshimoto available from Madama Figaro Online (October 5)

A couple of quotes (Nana Komatsu)

‘For the scene where the two kissed on the bridge, at night, after all the shooting was finished, the three of us got together and talked with the director in a rounded manner. What kind of emotions would drive them apart and then get them closer? Are they going to kiss and hug? or do they hug and then kiss? I thought it was important to talk about these things (…) The director has a lot of respect for Banana-san’s story, and everyone trusted him to keep up with him. I think this is also reflected in the film.’

‘I think the message of the film is to move forward, even if it’s just one step, to find hope and live, so I hope it will be conveyed to the people who watched the film.’

Barfout (November issue)

Anan (25/09)

Interview article from Anan: It was cold when we filmed

‘When I was asked to participate in the project, I was interested in the unique combination of a Japanese masterpiece and a Malaysian director. I was also fascinated by the way the unique members of the team portrayed the weight of facing life and death in a fantastical way…’ Nana Komatsu

Neol (22/09)

Interview: Asami Usuda and Nana Komatsu

Ginger (21/09)

esquire (10/09)

The splendor of Moonlight Shadow: article and interview

In a lengthy interview, the actress tells about the shooting and the challenge she had to face in order not to play Satsuki but to become Satsuki. She recalls the warm yet tense and busy atmosphere of the set and expresses gratitude to director Edmund Yeo, for his kindness and the freedom he gave to the cast.

fashion post (9/09)

Article: Nana Komatsu Portrait

Crea (7/09)

Interview Article

the fashion post (6/09)

Article – Photos by Chikashi Suzuki

kinema Junpo (5/09)

The fashion post (2/09)

Article – Photos by Chikashi Suzuki

TV Guide (1/09)

TV Guide Interview Article

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