Sayonara? No, Tadaima (update)

Fan’s Voice silences a fan’s voice

On Friday September 24, Mr Mitsuo Yoshizawa, the editor of Fan’s Voice*, a media outlet based in Japan filed a complaint against me on Twitter for copyright infringements. Actually, they hunted down lots of accounts, including very young fans. (*mind your computer, their site is not even secure: no https)

  1. Use of pictures exclusive to their interview
  2. Link to an ‘unauthorized’ English translation -mine- of the same interview

The pics must have been downloaded and reposted a thousand times and they are all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (not mentioning other networks, blogs etc…). As to the interview, chances it might be translated by professional and legit sites are zilch, if not below zero. Nana Komatsu is no doubt famous beyond Japan, they’re not !

I’ve been working on my own with no connexions and little money for what is just a fan thing. No ads, no benefits from any site whatsoever, it is absolutely non profit making and I naively thought that the sources I always mention would be happy to get some extra exposure. Those who have used their pictures on pages paved with Google Ads, porn redirections and god-knows-what ways to make money must feel like it’s Independence Day thanks to the likes of Yoshizawa and Fan’s Voice -sigh- 

No wonder Japanese cinema is lagging behind and that corporate Japan is going down when the zillion laws they have are used not to target true pirates and thieves but rather dedicated fans who are generally harmless and well-intentioned Netizens. They make me think of those police forces who harass law-abiding citizens while true and ruthless criminals parade in the neighbourhood.

Update: After consulting some “competent authorities”

1) it is not certain that my initial publication (Moonlight Shadow Talk) was not -at least partly- in conformity with my web host policy of Fair Use for copyrighted material.

2) anyway, as I have deleted everything, there is no more room for any complaint whatsoever. I have been told that I have nothing to fear and that I can continue my activities as usual.

Comments are open again, let’s move on…

2 thoughts on “Sayonara? No, Tadaima (update)

  1. Really sorry to see you go. Your blogging and tweeting bring vibrancy to the community. The Edmund Yeo interview was fantastic. Is there no chance that you might reconsider?


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