The Last Ten Years

Rumors of actor Kentaro Sakaguchi and actress Nana Komatsu co-starring in a movie surfaced on a regular basis throughout 2021. On Wednesday September 22, it has been finally and formally announced ‘The Last Ten Years‘ will hit Japanese theaters in Spring 2022. Filming actually took a whole year, with periods of breaks, through the four seasons…

Directed by Michihito Fujii (The Journalist, Day and Night, Yakuza and the Family…) it is based on the true life and sad story of Ruka Kosaka whose novel Yomei 10-nen (余命10年) was published in 2007. The writer suffered from an incurable disease and passed away in 2017.

Plot (Yahoo Japan): Nana Komatsu plays Matsuri, a 20-year-old girl who learns that she has only 10 years to live due to an incurable disease that affects only one in tens of thousands of people. Knowing her own life expectancy, she vows not to fall in love, but is attracted to Kazuto (Kentaro Sakaguchi), whom she meets at a local reunion of former schoolmates.

First Official Trailer

Music Clip – Radwimps

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